Piercings and Anxiety

Trigger Warning: This post touches on anxiety and piercings. If there‚Äôs any way that you could be triggered by reading this, please do skip reading. If we have a very intimate relationship, you probably already know that I have been suffering from anxiety and extreme restless for a while now. If we are not very... Continue Reading →


I wish I could rip out my heart bc surviving with one is agonising. I can hear the tortured wails as it tries to heal without you There are days when the pain is so much, I cant function. I now know I will never be whole again. Not without you. I need you so... Continue Reading →

Redefining Myself

For a long time, the hijab didn't feel like me anymore. After wearing for over a decade, my intentions for wearing the hijab became blurred until I stopped remembering why I would wear it. The relationship was slowly decreasing, resulting in me taking it off. It took me a lot of courage to take this... Continue Reading →


I was told to write about summer. And as I sit in my garden with the sun burning itself on to my back, staring at a blank page, I realise summer is a feeling, a concept. Something that can be shapeshifted into whatever we want it to be. The light at the end of the tunnel, the days we yearn for during the long hours of cramming our studies nights on end or summer can be the dreaded moments that we pray never visits us again.

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