Piercings and Anxiety

Trigger Warning: This post touches on anxiety and piercings. If there’s any way that you could be triggered by reading this, please do skip reading. If we have a very intimate relationship, you probably already know that I have been suffering from anxiety and extreme restless for a while now. If we are not very... Continue Reading →


I wish I could rip out my heart bc surviving with one is agonising. I can hear the tortured wails as it tries to heal without you There are days when the pain is so much, I cant function. I now know I will never be whole again. Not without you. I need you so... Continue Reading →

Redefining Myself

For a long time, the hijab didn't feel like me anymore. After wearing for over a decade, my intentions for wearing the hijab became blurred until I stopped remembering why I would wear it. The relationship was slowly decreasing, resulting in me taking it off. It took me a lot of courage to take this... Continue Reading →

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