Dear Taiba: The Year to be Ourselves

Dear Taiba Years, I spent trying to create goals and plans to change and make another new year mine. After 2018, however, I concluded that there is no such thing as “my year”. It doesn’t exist. Because 2018 had started off brilliantly and had ended with even more incredulity. It would have been “my year”... Continue Reading →

The Hogwarts Mystery Review

If you didn't know already I'm a complete Harry Potter fangirl. I have every copy of the book sets (illustrated included), a continuous collection of each characters' wand and every birthday is spent with an inspired Harry Potter cake. So when the news of the new Hogwarts Mystery game was launching, I had to join... Continue Reading →

The Perks Of Having Audible

Reading a physical copy of a book has always left me with the taste of nostalgia. The feel of the paper slipping through my finger as I turn the page, makes my heart leap. The smell of paper awakens the sleeping beast inside of me. The scattered words have my mind wandering into forbidden and... Continue Reading →

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