Northen Ballet: Romeo&Juliet

I went to see the ballet edition of Romeo and Juliet with my mother. It was the most amazing thing ever!  I haven't been to the theatre since I was a child and I've currently fallen in love with Shakespeare so watching one of his plays was a must (It wasn't actually a play) and... Continue Reading →

It’s All Personal 

I write for the little girl who lost everything in a split second. The girl who lost her footing and still hasnt grasped the world even after she reached adulthood. I write for myself.  I write to teach that there is still hope. Life will beat you up, leaving scars, bruises and broken bones but... Continue Reading →

Harry Potter by JK Rowling 

If you read my An Insider to Jorlaska post, you'll know I have finally manage to read the complete Harry Potter series. A long time waited! A week of sleepless nights, ripped hearts and laughter. I was a hot mess. I'm going to be honest, Philosopher stone and Chamber of Secrets were really hard to read... Continue Reading →

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