Social Media, Procrastination and Stress

Why I believe social media is ruining us and my experience 🙂
Social media is a little like books. You can escape the harsh reality of the world by just zoning yourself out for a few minutes. (More like hours but we refuse to admit we are socially deranged people). Once you log into Facebook, the whole world is forgotten. You process these little snippets of people lives and try to conform yourself to their thinking. The worse thing about this is that we don’t even realise we are changing ourselves in order to “fit in” by using false images conducted by our mind.

As a person who was socially awkward after leaving school when I was 16, social media was my platform to be myself and not worry about what other people will think. They didn’t know who I was. We never met each other, probably never would. Those thoughts alone gave me the confidence to be who I wanted to be on the internet.

That didn’t necessarily help me in becoming less socially awkward in real life. Instead, I would rather spend my time in the comfort of my bed, talking to people who could be anyone. I got so attached these people that I spent every second of the day being on these social media sites and forgetting about the reality. I did no college work which caused me to fall behind quite a lot in my subject. I started to get stressed causing me to stop eating and is suffered from other anxiety problems.

I didn’t want to carry on living in the cyber world without acknowledging the reality I was living in. I, somehow, slowly stopped talking to the people, I started calling my friends. Some of them disappeared from my life themselves and others; I blocked and moved on from. It was a difficult process. To stop being friends with people in real life or on-line is emotionally heart wrenching, whether this is your choice or not, especially when you have two years of memories together.

Nearly a year of sitting at home, contemplating where my life was going (more like being bored to death because I no longer had friends on-line and neither in real life), I managed to construct myself in to something that was determined to achieve something. Whether this was having an education, a job or just feeling content with me.

I managed to enrol into my local college to study A levels again, after failing them the first time. I knew that having social media would help me to make the previous mistakes occur again so I started to delete my social Media’s, one by one. Deleting them has given me time to do things that I once used to love, for instance, I can now write on a daily basis while studying for my exams. I no longer talk to strangers and I try to meet up with everyone instead of chatting through texts etc.

I would love to know your thoughts on social media


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  1. I think that social media is a great way to connect with other people but I also think that we spent too much time on there which distracts us from focusing on more important things.

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