Sufferings of the World

My prayers are with the world 🙂


At this moment time, I’m upset, I’m annoyed and I’m frustrated. I feel like I can’t do anything to make everything okay. I can’t change the things that hurt me so much. That get me so angry, yet I’m sitting in my cosy home, occasionally forgetting the things that tile me up until something similar happens again. Then I’ll go another major rampage for a while until everything calms down. Again and again. It’s a continues cycle. The funny thing is, though,  these events still aggravating things still take place but they have no relevance in my life after a while.


Because I’m not living in the anguish. That pain is not affecting me. It is not touch me. I am not the one suffering. I’m not the one terrified out off my wits. I can walk to school without having the fear of coming back to nothingness. I have a home. I have a family. I have the luxury which makes me forget about the suffering on other parts of the world.

My heart cried when hearing about the Paris attack. I sat there in the luxury of my home, celebrating a birthday party while there were people across the sea who were terrified out their wits. Who were lying in their own or someone else’s pool of blood. Who spent their last breath in fear, with their loved ones far away. Probably not having any idea of the wreckage occurring. The aftermath of destruction they will experience once the horrible, devastating news has reached them.


It’s a couple of days later, on a Sunday evening. Scrolling through twitter and other social media when the news of Paris bombing Syria for the chaos caused reaches my ears. And to be honest, I am in shock. I honestly can’t comprehend such events. I’m staring in confusion at the screen, reading the same thing over and over again. Yet I still can’t get it in to my head. I can’t get what is happening.

You would think that after spending a day in such carnage and fear that they would have sympathy of some sort for those who know nothing but fear and bloodshed.  You would think violence would not be used to solve such a disgusting crime.  You would think that remembrance day would have taught us a lesson. You would think that such events would not occur. You would think.

However, that obviously wasn’t the case. I can not even describe to you how I am feeling. There is no words for this anguish that I am feeling inside myself. My heart is smashed to pieces and has been trampled on. I’m crying. I’m tearing apart at the fact we have to  become so heartless. The innocent are killed and the innocent are blamed. An on going cycle that never seems to end. I don’t have hope left.  The last piece has been trampled.


A silence for Paris. I just want to say there is no point in remembering the dead if you discard the living.  This silence is supposed to make you realise the mistake you have made. It is supposed to honour the dead. But how can we honour them when we are again creating the same destruction to the other people. We are the same as those who ruined Paris. There is no difference between us and them. And that is such a sad thing to acknowledge. The dead are gone, they won’t be coming back. They are unfortunately In the past. The living are here. They are right next to you. Acknowledge them and honour them so these horrific events don’t happen again.

This was actually meant to be a blogging goals post but due to the horrific circumstances that occurred during the weekend, I believed it was necessary to talk and express the emotions and terror. I would love to hear your side to the Paris attacks!

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