Between The Lines

The truth behind Essena words 🙂

After finally watching Essena Oniell video about the reason she has deleted most of her social media, I decided to do an update post regarding my views. I have a lot btw. If you haven’t watched the video, I suggest you do, enabling you to understand the concept of this post.

Essena said that she was deleting social media mainly for her 12 year old self. Her 12 year old who felt insecure after viewing models and celebrities on magazines and social media. Yes, most of us feel a lot of negative emotions at our prepubescent years. Maybe it’s  because our body are changes and our emotions are all over the place due to hormones. Who knows?.  However in order to make herself feel good,  Essena resorted to ‘sexually objectifying’ herself. (The speech marks are for emphasis)

You may think I’m being a little harsh and judgemental here but if someone needs to post a half naked pictures on social media in order to feel good about themselves, then we have a problem in society.  Media, as I said before in my Is Social Media Fake ? Post, is just a representation of something.  It’s not a complete window of reality. The news, movies , social media etc. is just a biased point of view. And many of us, just like Essena, fail to understand this.

After viewing the same concept, just in different techniques, has cause us to take some part, or maybe even whole, of media as an objective reality. We fail to realise that although something negative is portrayed constantly doesn’t make it a right.

The media has taught us, women, that in order to be appreciated, like and valued, we need to sexualise ourselves on the internet. We need to be beautiful in order to be successful because without beauty we are nothing. We need male approval and the need to be inferior in front of the opposite sex. We have always lived in a society which doesn’t value a woman unless she is a perfect representation of beauty. And even then we are constantly criticised for the way we dress, the way we look, the way we talk, the way we act.

This is what Essena was trying to say. She was trying to tell you the damage the media had done to her, How it made her believe that in order to be successful and liked, she needed to show her body to the world. She needed to be slim, blonde, tanned. She needed to cover up her flaws. She needed to be perfect. She was brainwashed at a crucial time of her life, her preteen years, into believing that she needed the things listed above in order to attain the perfect life style.

This, unfortunately, doesn’t only happen to women. The media has emphasised the already created  gender roles causing such high rates of suicide in men. They are obliged to be strong and active.  They are not allowed to talk about their feelings which can cause serious physical and emotional issues.

This is the reason why Essena has deleted her social media. Not because it is fake but because it is causing problems in society. It is negatively changing the mind sets of young people. This is what Essena was trying to tell you

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