Libraries and Their Sentimental Values

If you didn’t know already, I’m pretty sentimental. I like to value things that have a special place in my heart.A website that was mentioned in my all time favourite novel actually exists? I’m following even though I hardly ever look through the posts. (Bad Taiba)

So when the city library of my town was relocated into a smaller building a few years I go, I was pretty gutted. My father used to take my siblings and I there during the weekend. We just go travel to all 9 floors of this enormous library. Play hide and seek (We were kids and that library was huge, don’t judge), read books and have a wander around. Although I think I was the only one who like to walk around the entire building for fun.

I used to think about how I would grow up and come down to the quiet area in whatever floor I felt like and study. It made me feel like a grown up.

It’s kind of soul destroying that when i finally came of the age to do independent studying, the library shrunk dramatically in size with fewer books, space and appeal.

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