A List

Some times list are cool especially when it’s a list of all things that annoy you on the interweb 🙂

DISCLAIMER: If the shoe fits, wear it!

  • People that share their relationship status online. Does it look like I care? Because I literally laugh with how many times it changes from taken to single to taken to single in a single day


  • When snapchat becomes the radio. I don’t have the time to skip through 300 seconds with some guy discussing his sex life while staring at a blank background


  • People airing me when they’re the ones who started the conversation. Shove that “Hey” up your ass


  • Please, I beg you not to spend 2 years off your life pretending to be my friend when you actually detest me. You’re actually making yourself seem like an idiot


  • Keep following and unfollowing me and you’re going to be blocked


  • You made my life a living hell and now you want to know the details about my life?


  • Comments from ignorant people with egos the size of the sun.

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