Adventures Of Summer

You would think that after the past academic stress, the all nighters and obsessive coffee drinking, I would actually make an effort to enjoy the couple months of summer exploring the city I live in. Going on adventures in this boring average city of mine was actually the plan, especially considering the next academic year will make me lose my sanity (not that I’m even sane).

However, I’ve been on holiday for over a month now and I have spent it in the comfort of my bed unless I had a shift, then I was making sandwiches for 7 hours. The only thing that is actually productive is the fact that I am currently reading 4 books that are on hold due to the month of Ramadan. (By the time you’re reading this though, the books will no longer be hold). To think about it, reading 4 books in one go might not actually be a huge feat.

I did attend a literature festival event with my brother, made him fall in love with Harry Potter and had a Potter marathon all in one day. Although I do really need to read the books, preferably before my next birthday.

[wpvideo VxAuILUB]

I would like to believe now that Ramadan is practically over, I’ll be able to explore, read more but that is make – believe. Leaving my bed is quite a struggle for someone like me. A lazy, introverted woman who loves to spend the day in nightwear and lounge around in her room. I also need the money (and the permission) to travel the city.

Hopefully, this post will actually will be a mean of motivation in achieving my sanity once again before I drown in A levels once again.

How is your summer going? If you haven’t broken up for summer, what your plans before the endless school work starts gain?

Taiba 🙂


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