Dear Taiba: It’s Okay

A letter to my 12 year old self

Happy Birthday, Taiba!

You’re one year closer to being a teenager. Don’t be fooled, being a teenager isn’t all that great but I’ll let you have your moment , just this once.

It’s going to be a huge struggle to get where you want to be, especially since you don’t even know where you’re going in life just yet. Don’t fret though, Taiba, everything will fall into place and you’ll look back, laughing at why you were so worried in the first place.

Cherish the moments that make you happy. Write down the things that make you giddy. You’re going to need them in order to get through on of the hardest year of your life. You’re going to need them when you mentally block everything until this point.

Taiba, I know you’re confused while reading this letter. i’m talking in riddles like I do a lot these days. Unfortunately, I can’t go in to much detail because after all these years the events still feel like they’re ripping out my heart and the pain is too much to handle. I don’t want to talk about it and I definitely know you don’t want to hear it. Not that thing that will destroy you, make you lose your footing.

The next few years are going to test you to your limits. You’re going to fall flat on your face, only to get back up and be stronger than ever. You’re going to be able to achieve the things you set out to do but you’ll need to settle down and work for it. Don’t let it all fall apart before it even started.

Just remember, Taiba, that you can get through this! You can do this because you’re amazing and such a strong women.

Dear Taiba, I wish you the best and I can’t wait to meet 13 year old you.


It’s okay

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  1. This is such a cute little letter! I think I could’ve done with the same advice when I was 12. I’d love to hear what a letter to a, say, 15 year old you would have to say! Xx

    Anna @

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