Fangirl By Rainbow Rowell

Welcome, to another episode of Coffee with Jorlaska (Im going say this in Evelina‘s voice because Fashion Cafe).In this episode, we shall be discussing the novel, Fangirl by Rainbow Rowel, hence the title of course,

I’ve been meaning to read a Rainbow Rowell novel, for a long time. The fact that I have makes me feel ecstatic especially with how much feeling this book gave me. It’s as though someone ripped a part of my mind and turned it in to a novel. A series of event that is written in a string of words.

I love weird and perky people and Cather is definitely a character that is different which makes me fall so much more in love. Quipped with series of fangirling, Cather is a typical introverted teenager who probably suffers from anxiety and uses books as a get away. (Does it remind you of someone? *points at me*)

And of course, no YA novel is complete without some kind of love interest.Fortunately,the love interest slowly builds instead of bombarding the readers. (I can’t be the only one who doesn’t like forced love interest). I won’t go into much detail in case of accidental spoiler but let me just say, the feels were just too much and I could totally relate with the whole crush start of the relationship.

My copy of the book even had some illustrations of the character’s which was so cute. The most wonderful thing is that I even met a person at the book club I attend who reminds me of Cather.

Rate: 4/5

Have you read Fangirl, if so comment your favourite things about the novel?

Taiba 🙂 

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