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I could start this with an excuse on the reason why I have been missing for over a month but the truth is I couldn’t be asked. I seriously didn’t want to open my laptop and write even though I have an unedited post sitting in my draft for the whole month of August. Anyways I’m just going to update you on all the things exploding in my mind, Seriously, I’m going to combust!

First of all, let’s take a look at that header. Shout out to Jemma and Saph for this beautiful thing. I feel like it’s so me. I have an endless amount of all the three things pictured above, it’s seriously becoming a problem now. Hundreds of lipsticks appearing in my bag when I’m looking for a pen, books flying all over my bedroom and not being able to function correctly with out having my dose of caffeine each morning. My days are a mess.

I can finally call myself a die hard book reader because I just completed all 7 books of Harry Potter (in a week). The week consisted of endless amount of crying (I couldn’t deal with the amount of deaths), sleepless nights under the covers with the phone torch and the ability of not understanding why every one thinks Dumbledore is so great (I felt nothing for his death, cried more over Voldemort’s).

Being an adult is extremely hard. Getting the responsibility to have the key to the store is all fun and games until  I accidently leave the key at home. Paying for my own phone is great until I accidently forget to pay one payment and now I’m in over £200 debt. Thinking about university is destroying my soul especially with the amount of travelling I’d have to do since I’m not allowed to live on campus (some one help me to persuade my mother).

College has restarted. My favourite subject is incredible with the teacher acting like he’s a student half the time, I have my favourite teacher which wasn’t seeming to be possible when I was enrolling in to A2 but then I have a really crappy teacher for one of my easiest subjects and I am internally crying.

Right now, I am currently eating space raiders and procrastinating both my media and film coursework. Procrastination is going to be the death of me since I have 16 weeks to research, plan, write and film for both subjects. Ive only just found the details I needed for film yesterday even though Ive been at college for over two weeks so 14 weeks now. 🙂

Taiba 🙂



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    1. I was too engrossed to put them down. I tried but to no avail. I had to know what happened next and that was completely the death of me. Too many deaths, too soon 😔😔

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