Why Literature? 

Everyone I know is studying law, psychology, chemical engineering etc and then there’s me, who’s planning to study English literature. Yes, I am willing going to study Shakespeare for another three year. (I can’t wait.)

Sometimes just thinking about spending 9 grand a year to study a subject which really does not have any worth makes me feel a little incompetent. Seriously, the only job I can get is journalism or teacher. Not appealing. Plus the fact no one I know thinks a literature degree is valuable, I’m going to write a list of why I’ve chosen literature and not psychology (or a similar type of degree) 

  • Studying literature makes me feel powerful. A friend of mine is studying law and when I asked why, ) she said it made her feel intelligent and powerful, the complete opposite of what I felt when doing AS law. English, however,  makes me feel intelligent. 
  • I’ve developed an interest for Shakespeare. I never thought I would ever say this but Shakespeare is currently writer bae. I seriously need to watch one of his plays in the globe theatre. 
  • There’s more to it than reading. Everyone just assumes that I’ll be just wasting three years and a whole lot of money reading books when I could get a “proper” degree and get a well earning job. When in reality, I’ll be learning about history, politics, philosophy and culture. What other degree is there that teaches you more than one subject?
  • There is no wrong answer! Nothing I say or write will be wrong. Well unless I meet the objectives (they very broad btw) I could bullshit my way through and still end up getting a 1st. (It’s a skill)
  • It’s all opinions and different interpretations. This is actually the same as the above point but I thought I put it in just in case. 
  • I read books. I love reading and having a degree that pratically assigns you fictional books to read, why wouldn’t I choose it? 
  • Books is knowledge and knowledge is power! Have I mentioned how powerful I feel? 

    What  degree did you do, like to do or would do and why? 

    -Taiba 🙂 

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    1. I completely understand where you’re coming from here as I was in a similar situation, but now I’m just over halfway through my degree in English Literature & alhamdulillah I love it!! Honestly, what a lot of people don’t tell you is that when you get a degree in English Literature you don’t have to be a teacher or journalist, as having a degree (no matter what it’s in) shows employers that you are committed and you also gain transferable skills. I absolutely love studying English Literature & if you need any advice or tips about studying it at uni let me know, I might even write a post on it as there are so many misconceptions around it that are simply not true! Xx

      1. I would love it if you wrote a post. It’s gets a little annoying when people say you can only do so much with English when in fact the things you can do are endless x

    2. I had a backlash of people saying “what you gonna do with that, teach?” When I chose to do English Language and Creative writing. People don’t understand that a lot of high paying jobs just need any degree, and one it humanities subjects show that you can work in context and you understand people. Plus you learn all the things you would on a normal uni course, like team work. It really is about what you enjoy and can get high grades in, and what you decide to do outside of your course. I hope you made the right decision and enjoy yours course.

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