Harry Potter by JK Rowling 

If you read my An Insider to Jorlaska post, you’ll know I have finally manage to read the complete Harry Potter series. A long time waited! A week of sleepless nights, ripped hearts and laughter. I was a hot mess.

I’m going to be honest, Philosopher stone and Chamber of Secrets were really hard to read and enjoy. I don’t think I even remember the things that happened in them.I skipped chunks and dragged the books for months. But then again they are children books so an instant falling in love wasn’t going to happen.

That all changed on the 31st July when I decided to pick up Prisoner of Azkaban. I devoured the series that although it’s been about a month since I’ve read them (plus many books being destroyed by yours truly), I can’t help but still be in a Harry Potter book hangover. (Is there a cure for HPBH because I’m not coping?)

Ginny was absolute bae in the books. I loved how her character developed through each book, a shy, timid girl to a strong, independent woman. Unlike the movies, Ginny flourishes and it was lovely witnessing the events that made her who she is.

My favourite character in the movies was Malfoy but I got to say Snape surpasses. I had no idea what team Snape was in. One minute I was certain he was in Team Voldemort, the next he did some Team Harry things and my mind went into over ride. It wasn’t until the end of Deathly Hallows that all the confusion disparated. But of course of it was too late then.

I’m probably one of the HP fans that actually understand why Harry named his son after Snape but doesn’t understand why he named him after Dumbledore. I have nothing against Dumbledore, in case you hardcore fans decided to murder me! I have no feelings for him, I don’t hate him but nor do I like him. He just isn’t as great as everyone made him out to be. I actually felt more for voldemort death than Dumbledore which says alot.

A lot of my friends told me they enjoyed read Goblet of Fire due to the amount of descriptions Rowling used to describe the wizarding world. However  I enjoyed Order of the Phoenix more. I’m more of an action person, I don’t care much about detail although it was amazing learning about other wizarding schools.

Sirius’s death shocked my cote. It was so sudden that I didn’t even realise he was actually dead until Harry was emotionally broken down in front of Dumbledore in his office. I broke apart with him. Fred’s death took apart of my soul that I don’t even think I’m ever going to be whole.  I can’t imagine George going through life with his other half. The jokes, the mischief won’t be the same and it’s soul destroying.

I think I need to stop talking about HP, the feelings I’ve pushed down have slowly manages to cone back up to the surface while writing this. I’m off to sit in the corner of a dark secluded room and weep for the deaths of each beautiful character.

-Taiba 🙂

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