It’s All Personal 

I write for the little girl who lost everything in a split second. The girl who lost her footing and still hasnt grasped the world even after she reached adulthood. I write for myself. 

I write to teach that there is still hope. Life will beat you up, leaving scars, bruises and broken bones but you’ll still be able to stand up, stronger then you were ever before. Because although things destroy us, there are still the moments when we thought everything was perfect. When our father taught us to ride a bike. When we came home one day and your mother bought ticket for a show you wanted to see. When your crush said hi and you smiled for the rest of the day. Because these small moments of happiness keep us going. They must keep us going. They are hope because things do get better. Maybe not now but some day. 

I write to motivate myself. I can do great things.  Change the world, make a difference. Create happiness. I can do what ever I want because freedom doesn’t come from anyone but yourself. I am free! I am beautiful! I am amazing! 

I write because although the world is a horrible place, there’s a small little house with a little girl, laughing. A boy whos conquering the world with his toy castle. There’s a place, may it even be tiny,that brings excitement. 

I write because I needed someone who wasn’t there. Someone to show me comfort when the world got too harsh. Someone to laugh with me when I found a funny scene in a book. Someone to remind me life gets better even when everything looks gloomy. Someone to shout I CAN DO IT, when the whispers get too loud. 

I needed someone so I made it me! 

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