Northen Ballet: Romeo&Juliet

I went to see the ballet edition of Romeo and Juliet with my mother. It was the most amazing thing ever! 

I haven’t been to the theatre since I was a child and I’ve currently fallen in love with Shakespeare so watching one of his plays was a must (It wasn’t actually a play) and extremely exciting. I don’t think I even shut up about it on twitter. 

The ballet was so beautiful. The dance and the music together evoked the feelings of passion, anger and sadness and I think it was incredible. After all it takes a skill to evoke emotions without words. 
Unusually, the set for the ballet was minimalistic. Normally the sets are devoured with grand props but Northern Ballet used a blank background with minimal props, making it much more artistic. 

We then decided to have a late dinner nearby. We usually eat here alot considering its close to the city central and college and they have amazing food. My mother ordered some chicken curry while I had some meat pasta. We then decided to have some dessert, apple pie with custard and a jam roly poly with of course custard. 

I’m currentlt contemplating in going to another ballet show soon since this one was just incredible. I totally tell you all go to see Northen Ballet’s Romeo and Juliet. But I do warn you it is an Adult show and you may need to buy the programme in order to understand the story. 

-Taiba 🙂

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