You Can Achieve Wonders Alone

I came to a realisation that although I am allowed to study, no one really knows why I, a female needs to study.

I come from a household in which each female rely on their husbands for providence, He works and provides money while she is a stay at home mum. And although there is nothing wrong with traditional values, life is a horrible little thing. It can destroy everything in a matter of seconds. Thus relying on another person whether they are your other half or not is nothing but walking a stick, allowing you to wonder around the world but always holding you back.

I’ve seen the lives of females get destroyed because they did not have the independence you need to survive in the world. They found it easier to hold on to the “walking stick” although they had the ability to walk perfectly alone.

And although each and every one of these beautiful women who had fallen, have risen into the most incredible people I have ever met, the fear of allowing myself to ever fall into a position that might one day shatter my whole existence stands firm in my heart. I educate myself so one day when I am standing alone, I will not be afraid to walk on. I will be able to keep standing even though life will continuously try to knock me over, I will be able to provide a roof over my head, food on the table without ever needing someone else.I will not need to wait for the world to give me sustenance, afraid to ever leave my area of comfort, but instead I will be able to hold my head up high and walk forward until I reach where I want to be.

Because you can achieve wonders alone.

Taiba 🙂

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