The Letter A

To me, education isn’t learning from a text book, you don’t need an A to show the world your intelligence. A piece of paper with a letter on it should not define who you are. Although sometimes that piece of paper can make you feel incredible.

I don’t believe in exams. Probably because I do really crappie in them and I’m too lazy to sit hours on end, repeatedly reading a textbook. Writing an essay (my subjects are all essay based)  in timed conditions and complete silence makes my mind go blank. 

I remember when I was younger I aced nearly every exam. The fear of failure was not avid in my mind. I did not panic over time restrictions,  the silence did not make my palms sweat, the importance of achieving those As we’re not sketched in my mind. 

Grades did not define me. They did not stop me from progressing. I could still advance in my education but now I need that A! That small letter defines my entire life. It went from an ordinary letter to a letter that determines my future and I hate it! I hate how a simple letter is used to prove how worthy and important I am. 

Although I know I was worthy,I still need the grade. I crave it. It gives my life a meaning and each day I lose myself in this thing we call the education system. That shows us that thereally is only one way to gain success and that is through the letter A. 

Taiba 🙂

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  1. Yep and once you’ve earned your A and reached your professional goals thats when you have time for real education, self learning, an education that doesn’t shape or restrict where your learning takes you, it’s limitless!!!

    1. I think that happens as soon a a you leave school. I started learning life lessons at the age of 16. Everything went out of control and I learned there is more to it than Letters and numbers x

  2. Ooh, this was an interesting read. I was always in ‘top sets’ at school (wow that was a long time ago haha), but I never got A’s. Not one…that I can remember. I never did well at tests, never went to university either, but I still consider myself to be quite intelligent – especially when it comes to worldly things and not just certain subjects. Surely letters cannot measure your brain, eh? 😉


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