International Women Day

I feel like I need to start off these post with a greeting instead of always getting straight to the point. Much more personal. I think. So hey guys!

I’m sure you all knew that it was international women day on the 8th. (If twitter is anything to go by we all know). In a late honour of IWD, I’ve decided to talk about my ideas on feminism and why it’s important but first Speaker’s Corner Collective 16-year-old Iram and Madiyah co-hosted a debate at Bradford city hall, and later we participated in a flash mob at the city park and a dance session at wild woods. And there we may have appeared in the T&A!

So feminism!

I’ve done a couple of posts before, (Women empowerment or illusion and, You can achieve wonders alone and, Have I sinned by being a girl,)  which are specifically targeted women and young girls and related to the whole feminism ideas.

Feminism has never been something I would personally talk about. Although I agreed with everything it was about, I just never wanted to call myself a feminist. I was icky with the thought. How can a group say they want equality between genders but have a name that sides with just the women? Oh, how I would grow older and realise.

I am not allowed to do certain things just because I am women. I have people have issues with the fact I yell at the TV while watching football, I have had people say I spend too much time outside of the house, I’ve been reminded girls can’t dress, sit or talk the way I do. It’s ain’t proper. Why do I need to work, have an education when my future husband will provide for me? But that is in my small bubble of life.

What about the wider world? What about the countries who have laws that allow child marriages from the age of 0? What about the thousand of Black women that are missing in the US? The sex trafficking, the rape, the domestic violence, the death. What about the women who can no longer speak? The women who were killed because they said no to a man’s advances.

Equality is about having a choice. It’s about having the ability to be ourselves whether that is a man liking RomComs and wearing makeup to a woman who wants to be a mechanic and plays football. It’s about being able to say no without the fear of being killed. Not worrying about the abuse when we leave the house.

We shouldn’t need to have protests and international women days. We shouldn’t need to ask for basic human rights. But we do. We need this. We need feminism because without it no one will hear the cries of the women of the world. We would have not made progress from moving from housewives and properties of men to teachers and politicians to even the prime minister. We would not have the right to vote or to work.

We need feminism because without there would not be progress and we need progress!


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  1. Really wonderful post – so glad I stumbled across it. I agree wholeheartedly. I’ve always felt a little off calling myself a feminist because, let’s face it, I was afraid people would judge me or think that I’d be in their face with my beliefs. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized how fortunate I am to be a female where I am in the world. Some places have progressed with women’s rights (minus a few flaws here and there) but many haven’t. At all. It’s frightening. To be a feminist is to stand for the women who haven’t any rights. We have the power to be brave and fight for them, because who else will? Again, great post.

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