The Impossible But Possible Dreams

Credit to PexelsHey guys,

2017 was all about discovering myself. I want to finally know what I wanted to do with my life. Who did I want to be, what did I want to do? And I’m going to honest with you, it was a fail. (Well, a semi-fail). I have no idea what I’m doing. I literally still go with the floor like I did in 2016. Just taking each day as it comes. No worrying, no stress (until I realise I have less than 5 hours to write a 1500 word essay about democracy and the media REAL STORY).

I love going with the flow, however, this past year has made me realise that I just use it as an excuse for all the stuff I never get done. I could have had a published book, halfway to monetising my blog and on the way to an independent, entrepreneur woman. But no, I’m sat on the sofa, watching reruns of Doctor Who and eating some nachos. But this is it, guys! This is it! This is the year!

I want to make 2018 my year. I’m determined for the new year to the be the year I finally step on the ladder. Great things are going to happen because I have just created a hard copy of my impossible but possible dreams. After all, lists are what makes a year.

Pass my driving

Feature on the Ctrl Alt Del podcast

Give a Ted Talk

Feature on Blogosphere

Work for


Live in London and NYC

Win an award

Study masters

Publish a book

Work for vogue, glamour or cosmo

Own a coffee shop

Study abroad

Become a bestselling author

Write a screenplay for a novel

Work for the BBC

Create a lipstick line

Create a clothing line

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