4 Book Characters I Would Definitely Date

Books ruin me but what ruins me more is the endless fictional boyfriends I have to juggle. It was the time for me to break some of these incredible boys’ hearts and what better way than to concise it in to a blog post. Below are my top 4 book characters I would definitely date.

Finch (All The Bright Places)

Theodore Finch is one the genuine people I have ever read about. He’s sweet, funny and charming. We first see him on top of the school bell tower, contemplating wether today will be the day he dies. While he’s thinking of all the different death scenarios, he notices Violet on the ledge next to him. From the time we meet him to the last word on the page, Finch’s quirkiness gripped my heart. A couple of watery twists later and my heart strings are still clasped tightly in his hand.

Calum (Noughts and Crosses)

Being in a relationship with Calum McGregor would be like dating your best friend. We would laugh at inside joke, smile at each other from across the room and our arguments would last less than 5 minutes. However, when it comes to dating your best friend in a world where your skin colour defines your status in society, our love story would end in terrible tragedy. Those sweet love letters, we passed to each other in English, would be be kept in an old wooden box.

Jace (The Mortal Instruments)

If we’re going to rebel against our parents wishes and date a notorious bad boy, Jace Weyland should be the one. The black leather jacket and his body covered in Shadowhunter Marks has my heart beating rapidly. Talk about beautifully handsome. Plus, underneath his hard exterior (pun very much intended), Jace is actually just a little boy who was hurt a little too much.

Sirius (Harry Potter)

I think I have a huge thing for bad boys. However unlike Jace, I do not actually want to be in a relationship with Sirius Black. A quick rebound after my disastrous relationship with Calum would stitch my broken heart. Just think about all the glorious amount of time we would spend under the covers 😉

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