The Perks Of Having Audible

Reading a physical copy of a book has always left me with the taste of nostalgia. The feel of the paper slipping through my finger as I turn the page, makes my heart leap. The smell of paper awakens the sleeping beast inside of me. The scattered words have my mind wandering into forbidden and amazing dimensions. However, despite the sentimental values of a paperback book, I do not have the physical strength to carry every single book I am currently reading.

Therefore, I really needed something that not only constantly awakens the beast inside of me but something that also is very easily portable. This is where the magical world of audible comes in. The animated voices give the book an authentic feel while emerging the listener into the realm of the book.

The first audible book I listened to was Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone. I was too afraid to indulge in a book that didn’t hold a little place in my heart. It would obviously have been a terrible mistake if audible didn’t work out. Fortunately, Stephen Fry’s narration gripped my soul and took me into the depth of the wizarding world.

I was so caught up in the adventures of Harry, Ron, and Hermione, that the commute to University was full of my laughter and hearty smiles. The fear of trains had slipped out my mind and instead was filled with the reminiscence of the young trio. I didn’t even realising when the 45-minute train ride had ended and if it was not for the fact Huddersfield was the last train stop, I would have missed my lectures.

Two months later, audible has become a huge part of my lifetime. I can no longer do any regular daily activities without the background noise of a narrative playing in the background. While brushing my teeth, I’m solving cases with Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. The commute to University has had me dueling with Lord Voldemort. I’m Theodore Fletcher’s best friend when I’m shopping and saving the world with Valkyrie Cain and Skulduggery while I shower.

Although physical books will always hold a huge part of my heart in its grips, audiobooks are my Horcruxes. Without them, I would surely be killed by the endless amount of fictional enemies I have made in these couple of months.

And for only £7.99 per month, you can also embark on the journey with me. Audible even give you the first month as a free trial so you can decide if audible books are your lifeline as they were for me. However, do be careful about which book you want to break your audible virginity with, the love story Celia and Marco might just break your heart.

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