The Hogwarts Mystery Review

If you didn’t know already I’m a complete Harry Potter fangirl. I have every copy of the book sets (illustrated included), a continuous collection of each characters’ wand and every birthday is spent with an inspired Harry Potter cake. So when the news of the new Hogwarts Mystery game was launching, I had to join the bandwagon.

After playing Pottermore during my entire teenage years, the installation of this new game is a real nostalgia for the days I spent completely sucked into my computer. And what better way of going through adulthood than being constantly glued to your phone?

The game is a prequel to the book series. Harry Potter, the boy who lived is hinted to still being a child and the fear of The One Who Shall Not Be Named is still residing in the hearts of the wizards and witches. An interactive story that completely hooks you from the start.

You begin with watching Professor Mcgonagall write the Hogwarts letter before creating your avatar and choosing if you’re a wizard or witch. Collect your books from Flourish and Blotts, choose your wand in Ollivanders and make the best friend of a lifetime, Rowan Khanna.

Screenshot of the game

However, like any other story, the creators of the interactive game would need to create an interesting plot that attracts and hooks the gamers into the world. Safe to say that they achieve this fantastically by involving a Hogwarts expelled brother, a rival character and a whole lot of Hogwart Mystery. (See what I did there? No, okay…)

Unlike Pottermore, this new Harry Potter game is more user-friendly and much easier to achieve higher levels and points. Now I won’t need to be stuck in chapter 1 for eternity. Despite the greatness of being able to play the game without knowing how to get to the next level, I personally think that if we were able to have a mini-quiz before choosing our wand and being sorted into our houses, I might have fallen deeper in love.

The game is available on both play store and app store so fortunately enough for all us Harry Potter book lovers, we can enjoy the wizarding world on the go. The journey to Hud will now be full of spells, charms, and potions. (Now we all know the reason why I’m always late to my classes).

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