I was told to write about summer. And as I sit in my garden with the sun burning itself on to my back, staring at a blank page, I realize summer is a feeling, a concept. Something that can be shapeshifted into whatever we want it to be. The light at the end of the tunnel, the days we yearn for during the long hours of cramming our studies nights on end or summer can be the dreaded moments that we pray never visits us again.

I remember when I was a child, summer would be the days I could spend playing outside with my cousins. We would ride our bikes along the streets until the sun went back down. Sometimes, we could have the luxury ice cream from an ice-cream van. But my favorite treat was to eat the choc ices my mum had bought earlier in the day from her grocery shop. It would run down my hands and I would savor each bite. By the time, the school would begin once again, my knees and elbows would be grazed and scarred. A reminder of the fun I had.

As I grow older, summer has shifted from a fun and exciting time to something different each time. During my teenage years, I longed for the days I did not have to pick up another textbook. My mind would not need to remember the Pythagoras theory or how to calculate the speed versus mass. I caught up on my sleep by sleeping until noon and other days I would stay awake until late at night, reading the books I pushed aside. Summer became the moment in my life I could appreciate the finest things in life.

However, now as a young adult, there is no time given to spend with loved ones or to catch up with the things I love. It’s a constant need to always work with university deadlines looming over my head or the need to earn enough money to live comfortably through the year. Summer is staring out the window and hearing the laughter of the neighbor children as I try to complete the 2000 – word essay before the day is over. It’s stealing the moment of the sun by sitting on the grass with my laptop glued to my lap. Summer is spontaneously driving to the beach one sunny morning.

Summer is the memories, the serenity, and spontaneity.

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