Piercings and Anxiety

Trigger Warning: This post touches on anxiety and piercings. If there’s any way that you could be triggered by reading this, please do skip reading.

If we have a very intimate relationship, you probably already know that I have been suffering from anxiety and extreme restless for a while now. If we are not very close, then hi, my mind is always on overdrive and sometimes I completely shut down. I will not be telling you about the ins and outs of the condition, I don’t have the mental capacity for that. But thankfully, we have our good old trusted friend, google, that will happily explain everything to you.

One of the things I’ve been trying to focus on is trying to find Healthy coping mechanism. In my time of having a mind that works double time, I don’t have the time to completely shut down when I’ve finally exhausted myself. It’s annoying and most of the time, the work I need to do is delayed, causing a circle of overworking, exhaustion, overworking. If you’ve read Audible, you’ll know listening to audio books is one of the best ways, I can successfully calm my mind when I am on the verge of overthinking and being restless. I mostly just listen to every single Harry Potter novel. (Pretty self-explanatory).

Recently, I have found another coping mechanism, Pain!

Now, you probably understand why ‘healthy’ was written in bold. Don’t worry though, the pain I’m talking about is the pain you receive when getting new piercings.

Just this week, I got two new piercings (on two different days) and the dull aftermath of pain while they healed was very therapeutic for my over working mind. The small, slightly constant ache helped me get out of my mind and focus completely on my reality. Although, I can’t lie, the sharp pain of the needle when I get a piercing is riddled with anxiety, Sweaty hands, fast beating heart, and the intense fight or flight response.

Let me just insert a thank you note for my sister and my close friend for letting me try to break their hands during this process

But I find that the small restlessness before is worth it. Not only do I get a few days out of my head, I also have a very atheistically pleasing piercing. A win win situation.

I’m not exactly sure that this new coping mechanism is a healthy one and it is not a long-term solution. But the small distraction and the cathartic of new piercings is extremely addicting. Also as a creative, modifying my body to visibly show my personality pleases the artistic side of my soul.

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