Blog Procrastination

I’m being extremely lazy to write the blog post, I’ve been meaning to write for like a month. Unfortunately, this is not that post either. Never the less, talking about the three bloggers who I always fall back on is actually more fun to write than a collective haul. But soon. (I’m actually skyping while writing this)

Saph moon
Sapphire Moon @lifeofsapphire

I actually don’t read Saph’s blog as much as I should (I’m a horrible internet friend). However, when I do, I feel like I’ve submerged in to part of the chorus (bystander, to the non literature people), in watching this woman grow her blog. Like a caterpillar transforming in to a butterfly.   She is honestly an incredible, beautiful woman whose blog is just as incredible.


Imii Mace
Imogen Mace @imiimace

Can we just take a moment to appreciate this girls photography skills? Stalk her instagram and fall in love with her gorgeous landscapes of paris. This former parisian discusses her life while studying abroad in Paris. Oh well, she did. (She’s moved back to London, today). Her blog gives me inspirations from the name, nettle and blackberry to the minimalistic look. Pastel colour against white, who knew this would bring feelings in my heart?


Katie Oldham
Katie Oldham @Scarphelia

I would actually have Katie’s posts written all over the walls of my house, if I could. I admire her writing skills and fall in love with her all over again when reading a new post. She makes me reevaluate my life choices, think about topics I would never have thought about or make me relate to the subjects she passionately talks about.


According to the high school hierarchy, Sapphire is my best friend, Imogen and I have the same friend circle while Katie is the person I admire and would love to be friends with except I don’t have the guts to talk to her.

Do you have people, things you fall back to when life throws you lemonade or you need to procrastinate from college work?

Taiba 🙂

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