#CarnLIVal; The Liverpool Blogger Event 

Hey guys, remember I was doing a three part series on #CarnLIVal. Well, this is the second and you can read The Student City (the first post) if you haven’t already.
#CarnLIVal was organised by Sam and Katy, two beautiful and amazing Liverpool bloggers.

 It was an easter themed charity event which made everything so much more fun. There was a photo booth, a poem contest and a bar. (Yes, I don’t drink but that lemonade sure helped me cool down.) We even had a lovely tour of the Liverpool Hope Street Hotel. It was beautiful and I was really tempted to spend a night in every single hotel suite. Unfortunately, I have written this post a long time after the event that I honestly can not remember the name of the woman who gave us the tour. But thank you, Hope Street Hotel Lady!

Katy and Sam, Sam and Katy, had disguised the event for everyone to donate sanitary towels. The £5 entry fee was also used to buy some female hygiene products for the homeless and automatic entry into the raffle. Which in all I think was a great idea.

CarnLIVal was really overwhelming at first. If you read The Student City, you’d know how nervous I was travelling to Liverpool, However, this feeling was ten times worse the event had started. It was a nerve-wracking ten minutes of my life as I tried to make friends and get comfortable. 11-year-old Taiba attending the first day of secondary school had, unsurprisingly, made an appearance. Thankfully, everyone was very welcoming and nice. (Nice? I can hear my year 6 teacher scolding me for not using a much better adjective). I was soon felt like part of the secret gang, CarnLIVal.

I hear there is a rumour of another #CarnLIVal during Summer. And I can not to attend in order visit Liverpool and meet Katy and Sam and other amazing bloggers again.

-Taiba 🙂

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