Piercings and Anxiety

Trigger Warning: This post touches on anxiety and piercings. If there’s any way that you could be triggered by reading this, please do skip reading. If we have a very intimate relationship, you probably already know that I have been suffering from anxiety and extreme restless for a while now. If we are not very... Continue Reading →

The Prison We All Call Family 

Being a Pakistani young female, literally means the constant talk about marriage. Our dreams and aspirations are supposed to evolve around our husband, in laws and children. Anything else is just an inconvineance. Another day, another argument regarding how not wanting children is going against the sole purpose of existence. And for someone who is... Continue Reading →

The Blessed Month Of Ramadhan

Hey, guys! It's finally the month of Ramadhan. (Or when this post goes up, it's near the end of Ramadhan. I suck at blogging) Ramadhan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar. Yes, we have our own calendar which actually corresponds with the moon. During this month, we fast from sunrise to sunset for... Continue Reading →

International Women Day

I feel like I need to start off these post with a greeting instead of always getting straight to the point. Much more personal. I think. So hey guys! I'm sure you all knew that it was international women day on the 8th. (If twitter is anything to go by we all know). In a... Continue Reading →

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