Dear Taiba: We Make It

Dear Taiba,

Did you know we graduated?

No, we didn’t follow our childhood and become a doctor. But let’s be honest, a part of yourself currently knows that your dream has changed. You’re going to spend another few year’s grasping onto this career plan, tightly with both hands. On this journey, you’re going to slowly grow into the person you’ve always meant to be, and meet the friends who help you grow. However, when this happens, you will realise what makes you happy and that definitely isn’t studying biology, anymore.

We love our current “career”. We are actually between jobs right now, a nice phrase we use instead of saying we are unemployed and have been for while. Refer to while as many months. And to be real, it takes a wedding and a mini reunion for you to see how far you have actually come since school. How far all you and your close friends have come.

The dreams you could never interpret, slowly became your reality. It may seem like you woke up and your dreams continued playing without you realising. However, life isn’t all rainbows and roses. We break and fall. We lose the person who built us up when nothing was okay and we weren’t us. It was hard, painful and a whole bunch of a living nightmare. Sometimes, we surround to the pain, but sometimes, we rise above it.

We still have a lot to overcome, for us to be able to full be content with who we are and I hope going to therapy will help.

(Yes, we go to therapy and it’s actually our second time)

But I am not worried! Okay, I am a little but after seeing how the last ten years have been, the time I met you, I can happily say I know the next ten years will be okay. And I’m slightly excited to see where we end up. Will we be living the dream we want, living the dream we are, or will we see another dream play out?

Either way, we will make it!

Your future self


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