The Hogwarts Mystery Review

If you didn't know already I'm a complete Harry Potter fangirl. I have every copy of the book sets (illustrated included), a continuous collection of each characters' wand and every birthday is spent with an inspired Harry Potter cake. So when the news of the new Hogwarts Mystery game was launching, I had to join... Continue Reading →

The Perks Of Having Audible

Reading a physical copy of a book has always left me with the taste of nostalgia. The feel of the paper slipping through my finger as I turn the page, makes my heart leap. The smell of paper awakens the sleeping beast inside of me. The scattered words have my mind wandering into forbidden and... Continue Reading →

Dear Taiba: The Little Girl

Dear Taiba, I thought I grew up but I still see the 12-year-old girl staring back at me in the mirror. The 12-year-old who wished she had swapped places with her dad. The 12-year-old that was in so much pain she couldn't see past all the broken glass. The 12-year-old whose voice would not be... Continue Reading →

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