TV Show Review: YOU (S1E1)


When we say men are trash, we are referring to men like Joe from YOU. The ones who feel entitled to a woman even though he only met her once. The ones who flirt with every single girl and endorse the bigamist and patriarchy society world we live in. I am not going to say all men are complete jerks but the majority of them think they own the world. Also, it may be a little crappy of me to refer the phrase all men are trash to the tv show, YOU. Joe is another phrase of men are trash however YOU is a great currently hyped show we can use to demonstrate how men can be trash.

Joe is a creep. Right from the first he over voices the episode until the credit roll, I keep getting a chill down my back as to how incredibly creepy this guy is. He stalks Beck overall social media accounts after the first time he meets her in the book shop he works. The worse thing is he actually starts talking to her, probably in his head, as soon as he watches her enter the store. And it deeply escalates throughout the episode. He follows her everywhere, knows her schedule and even kind of breaks into her house and hides in the shower when she unexpectedly comes home. He watches outside her house while she even has sex and masturbates.

His relationship with the young boy who lives in the opposite apartment 4A, Paco, establishes his character even more. It gives an unsettling feeling as we watch Joe and Paco in the basement of the book store. The whole scene as Joe discusses the way the old books should be kept ensuring they do not degrade just lives me with a horrible feeling at the pit of my stomach. It is a good relationship, just a neighbour helping a neighbour. It is innocent and kind. However, as we already see Joe’s character stalk Beck, we get unnerved with the relationship of him and Paco.

However, the scenes with Paco foreshadow what he does with Benji. The guy who has a casual sex relationship with Beck. We realise that this is more than a creepy, stalker guy. But he also is possessive and delusional. He wants Beck to himself and he will do anything to have her even if that means keeping Benji in the basement of the bookstore. I think he believes Beck is his girlfriend and he has an obligation to keeping her safe.

We see his obligation after Beck horrible meeting with Professor Leahy. Another example of men is trash. Professor Leahy or he likes Beck to call him Paul, tries to make a very unsubtle pass at Beck which she instantly shoots down. She loses her position as TA, insults and blames her for his sexual pass. This is witnessed by Joe and he says he needs to do something about professor Leahy. So we automatically assume he is going to do something like he did with Benji.

The interesting thing about the show is that we normally only see the victim’s point of view. Every horror movie or show follows the protagonist getting stalked and narrowly escaping death. However, YOU is showing the audience the mind of the stalker. We watch fascinated as Joe continues his fetish and we wonder what he is going to do next. Its intriguing to see whether he will get caught and if Beck can feel the weird vibe coming from the guy. It’s like the tv show Dexter.

We would never work out Joe is the bad guy if we ever met him in the streets. He’s cute, seemingly nice and he reads. He falls in love with Peach’s library when he stumbles across it.  he is a normal guy and if it wasn’t the fact for the fact we get a glimpse of his predator, creepy side, we would happily date him.

I am looking forward to watching the next episode. To see more of Joe’s world and because I am currently researching criminal behaviour and psychopathy for a personal project, it’s going to be amazing.

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