Tag #1: Blogger Interview

I was tagged by the lovely Aimee to do the blogger interview! 🙂


1. How did you get into blogging?

I always tend to start things that have been mentioned in books. If i read something enough times and it sounds appealing, I am going to try it out. The first time I had heard of the blogging community was a couple of years back. I read an interview (my memory of this is quite fuzzy) about some entrepreneur  who created her business with blogging. However, my interest for joining was actually enhanced by a former class mate of mine who established her own blog a year ago.

 2. What advice would you give to bloggers starting out?

I would say to make sure you are committed and dedicated in creating blog posts.This will help maintain traffic and ensure the success of your blog. It’s going to take time to create a blog like Zoella, an international blogger and youtuber. blogging is a portfolio of your freelance writing, you got to attract readers and potential PRs by promoting your blog by either social media or verbally telling colleagues, friends and family.

3. What would be your dream campaign?

I am a major believer in equality. I believe that every single human being in this world should be treated as an individual and be given the same opportunities as everyone else. This is actually a wide concept as it is something related to both genders, every race and religion, every ethnicity etc. This is a campaign that is split into a lot of other campaigns and I love supporting campaigns regarding equality.

4. Do you have plans for your blog?

I wouldn’t say that this is a plan but I’m planning on gaining more traffic. I currently have a total of less than 200 views and approximately 20 followers and I want to at least expand this by 50% during the space of a year. I also want to participate in quite a few collaborations and guest post.

I want to tag VeryBerryCosmo. InnocentAwkward and kindabarbie


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