The Ramadan Diaries #1: The Pilot

Hey guys,

Welcome to the first post of my Ramadan Blogs (I need to invent a cooler name). It may not be the blessed month yet, however, my mum gave me a brilliant idea. Blogging the preparations. So you guys are lucky enough to have more than 29/30 posts despite how inconsistent they may be. If you want, you can read my last year eid post, which briefly explains the month. I say briefly as in there might at least one sentence telling you all you non-Muslims what Ramadan is.

And now before we get started, a little disclaimer I’m in no way a scholar, I only know the basic and please correct me if I make a mistake. The whole Ramadan series is just my way of showing the good side to Islam after the repeated negativity portrayed in the media and the Islamaphobia. I also want to differentiate myself from bloggers and fully embrace myself as a Pakistani Muslim Woman.

Ramadan is the 9th month in the Islamic year, the month of fasting. The Qur’an says that fasting was common for all religions “Believers! Allah has ordered fasting for you, just as He ordered it for those before you, so that evil may never touch you” (Al-Baqarah, 2:183). It is the month where all us Muslim try to better ourselves spiritually. We abstain from food and drink from dawn until sunset while trying to also abstain from committing sins and spending most of our time worshipping Allah, God.

Staying away from food and drink during the day is a sign of being willing to do without things, Ramadan is a form of annual training for know ing and doing ones duties all the time. In other words, we try to control our nafs, soul. After 11 months of just constantly getting what we want, during the month of Ramadan we try to abstain from the things that will harm us. Instead we try to get closer to our Lord and stop worrying about the worldly things.

I’m going to be really honest, it’s really difficult, especially during the first few days of the month. Not only does it take our body a while to adjust to the lack of food, we are constantly reminding ourselves to do what Allah has commanded us. However, with all the difficulty, there a lot of good that makes me you forget the struggle. The entire month has a serene and peaceful atmosphere surrounding it. It’s like nothing can harm you and you’re living in a bubble of happiness and serenity but so much better. I can’t even fully describe the feeling but it’s incredible.

This year, I want Ramadan to be the month I get closer to my Creator. Like I said in the introduction, I want to define myself as a Pakistani Muslim Woman. When you’re living in a western country, it’s so easy to forget your roots and to just want to conform to western values. However, being different is sometimes a wonderful and freeing thing. So hopefully by recording my preparations and the month, I can finally show you all behind the scenes of a Pakistani Muslim Woman. (Sorry, but saying Pakistani Muslim Woman makes me sound like a superhero)

Taiba 🙂

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