Women Of The World #WowLDN 

Hey, guys! (I keep forgetting to greet but we’ll get there)

I’ve always wanted to visit London.IBt’s always been a place where dreams shall come true. Well until people started giving me anxiety and London itself became a fairy tale.

Obviously, when Speaker’s Corner, “The Ex-WOWsers”. were given tickets for the London Women of the World festival, I had to make sure I attended. London plus WOW equals a very happy and excited Taiba. I spent weeks looking forward to it.

We attended a talk on shame where Fiona Broadfoot , founder of Build a Girl and Fellow Speaker’s Corner Collective (Woop!), Jasvinder Singh, Founder of Karma Nirvana and Irish Times joournalist Roisin Ingle answered the audiences questions and discussed the stigma attached to sex period, etc.

Women should be trusted to make decisions for themselves

Due to the traffic, we arrived a little late in order for me to fully write about the talk, however the above quote is something that left a huge impact on me therefore I’m sharing with you.

Something that was different from WOW Bradford was the ralky. It was like going to a concert that was targetted to empowering and supporting women. Gemma Cairley, the BBC presenter, was the host. Her quirky style, upgoing personalitymade everything feel more relaxed.

I was generally on a buzz through out the day but of coure, being among the Bradford WOWsers did mean having a slight celebrity status. That may have something to do with the high. Mehmoona, Ex WOWser and fellow Speaker’s Corner Collective, was invited up stage with Gemma to discuss Bradford WOW and the aftermath a.k.a Speaker’s Corner. And let me tell you, that young girl is honestly amazing. She nearly made me burst in to tears with her speack. YOU ROCK MEHMOONA!

After the rally, we took some selfies with some of the schools and other people around and then went on a walk arounf the river Thames. Everything about #WOWLDN was spectacular and I can’t wait to attend again

Taiba 🙂

P.S A post on Speaker’s Corner will be up in the near future

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